The Beauty and the Beast TunnelRing

How to become a member.

The ONLY requirement of membership in the TunnelRing is that you have a webpage related to the Beauty and the Beast TV series.

Follow the directions below to add a simple HTML fragment which can be cut-and-pasted into the HTML on YOUR page.
It's easy-to-do and only take a few minutes.

If you have any problems adding the HTML to your web page
I will help you. I have helped many people and I can help you too.

STEP 1: Getting Started

First you need to fill out the application and submit it.
Shortly after you will receive a confirmation in you e-mail box.
At this point your site will be placed into a queue.
Save the e-mail for future reference.

Submit site to B&B Tunnel Ring

Submit a site to The Beauty and the Beast TunnelRing Net Ring

Site Title:
Site URL:
Site Owner:
Year of Birth: (ie: 1999)
By law, we cannot collect personal information on anyone under the age of 13. Because of this we do not allow anyone 13 or under to Join a RingSurf Net Ring, or become a Ringmaster, and thus we are forced to ask you to specify your birthdate. If you are under the age of 14, you may not become a member of RingSurf. You may use the Ring Directory and use any existing ring, you just may not start a new ring, or add your website to an existing ring. See our privacy statement if you have any questions on how we handle your personal data.
Password: Please choose a password. (Don't forget it!!)
Site Description:

STEP 2: Adding the HTML

You will receive an e-mail that will contain the HTML fragment in that you will need to copy into your page.

Once you have added the HTML to your webpage, e-mail [email protected] and I will add you to the ring

If you are experienced with HTML and want to add graphics or change the HTML that is OK just as long as you don't
change the unique site number and keep the basic three links NEXT BACK and LIST SITES.

PLEASE put the HTML fragment on your MAIN content page and not a LINKS or WEBRING page.
I ask this so people surfing through the ring won't get lost and possibly leave the ring.

If you have any questions or experience difficulty getting the HTML on your page, don't fret, e-mail [email protected] and I will help you.

Your site will NOT be added to the ring until you have added the HTML and graphics CORRECTLY !

The Beauty and the Beast TunnelRing